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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  December 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, a mother arrested and accused of having sex with a high school student. tonight, what her husband had to say. a woman is hit and killed by a tow truck as she crossed the street tonight. the search for the hit and run driver. coming soon to one local theater near you. sonyod÷ changes its mind on the interview: tonight, we look into whether there will be extra security on hand. good emping. we begin tonight with storms headed our way overnight. you might wrant to buy an extra umbrella as an extra gift.
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here's a live look from our camera on top of adventure aquarium. deference dense fog getting out on the roads early. meanwhile, deadly storms slammed this city tonight: at least four people are dead, including a couple inside a mobile home. there are reports of tornadoes that touched down about 80 miles southeast of jack son-in-law. hones and businesses throughout the state are damaged. thousands of people are without power. and check out the damage left behind from another tornado in's tern louisiana. that very same system is headed our way. meteorologist shheena parveen is tracking that storm. >> we'll start with what it looks like now. we're also dealing with some dense fog through the area.
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a lot more rain down to the south. this is all going to keep movering in our direction as we go through the overnight hours and into tomorrow. take a look at the visibility. three-mile visibility in allen town, two mile visibility in pot pottstown. one mile in wilmington, even at lantic city, less than a mile visibility right now. tomorrow morning, areas of dense fog. take a look at future visibility here. as we go in early tomorrow morning, we could only see one mile visibility around philadelphia. we're also talking about all of this rain moving in. so, now, as we go through future weather here, now at looking at the rain on top of the fog for early tomorrow morning. 7:00, we'll be dealing with some densz fog and some pretty heavy rain at times, too. amgs so
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also some changes for christmas day. i can have -- you can have the real-time weather updates and severe weather alerlts sent right to your smart phone or tablet. more details on all of the changing weather conditions, that's coming up. >> and the holiday travel rush is not off to the best start at philadelphia international. a live look at the airport fog and clouds led to huhundred do delays and cancellations tonight. we found a handful of cancellations. as always, the best advice is to check ahead and see if your flight is still on time. to the roads now, a live look at the pennsylvania turnpike and 4 2. you can expect things to be a little busier here tomorrow morning. >> tonight, a deadly hit and run. the accident happened on state road in the h orksz lmesburg
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one witness stopped at the red light and said the woman walked right by her car before she was hit. >> i don't know how anybody could hit that this time of day. one mintue this e she's there and gone. >> the victim was a 33-year-old woman. but police have not released her name. investigators aring le looking black tow truck with damage on its front end. police are expected to charge the driver with vehicular homicide. >> george h.w. bush is in the hospital in houston after experiencing shortness of breath. this spokesperson says an ambulance took the 90-year-old there tonight as a precaution. he'll be held at the hopt overnight for observation. just minutes ago, the wliet house put out this statement.
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president obama and the first lady send their good wishes to the former president and the entire bush family during this holiday season. go to our web site, and download the new arksz pp for free. >> a month gom ri county mother is accused of having a sexual relationship with an athlete. >> reporter: her husband says naturally, he's up set with the entire situation but right now, his foe cu his focus are the children. the 42-year-old married mother of three is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old
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high school soccer player. the allegations have many residents fuming. >> rape is rape. if she's taking advantage of someone who doesn't know right or wrong, you know, or doesn't -- it's not right. >> upper potsgrove police found them naked, having sex, inside of a parked truck: they say it all happened outside of this local park after it closed around 10:30 the night of november 15th. >> she's a mom. why would you want a relationship with someone who's that young? what do you see in a young person like that. >> the 17-year-old potsgrove student she met where she volt untiered as a cheer mom. she told the officer i've never been in trouble before: i can't believe i did this.
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the investigation also revealed they communicated through twitter and an online chat room. detectives say she sent sexually expli sit photos of herself to the boy. >> now, after posting bail, we learned that she was back at work at the victoria secret at the king of prussia mall. we try today reach out, but she declined to comment. that is the very latest, nerks bc 10 news. >> two days before christmas, sony reversed course and decided to allow the movie, kwt the interview" to play at theaters. but the movie won't be shown everywhere. in fact, you can only see it at one theater in our area. >> reporter: penn cinema is coordinating with local police, even though owners here are confident the extra security will not prooif necessary. for them showing this film is both a business decision and a symbolic statement in this international drama.
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>> outside this wilmington movie theater, the posters are up for an unexpected chris mass day opening. after the interview made north korea the butt of its jokes. >> do you want us to kill the leader of north korea? >> reporter: the cancelled film is now back on, at least at this location. >> i would definitely go and see the movie. just because it looked funny and had lots of actors in it. >> last week, sony pulled the interview avenue threatening attacks against cinemas that showed the commenting. the u.s. government tied ed th hackers to north korea. critics said sony surrendered to censorship from a road nation. >> so penn cinema says when sony called today, reoffering the cancelling film, he jumped at the opportunity.
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but showing it will mean added precautions. >> we've been talking with the wilmington city police department. we have been kwardcoordinating preparations with them. >> penn cinema is the only region showing the film willing and able to make a quick change of plans. >> reporter: about 300 theaters agreed to show the film on christmas day. reporting live, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> landmarks went dark tonight to honor the two officers shot and killed over the weekend. the city dims several iconic spots, including the rockefeller center christmas tree. it was a tribute for officers. the white house will attend officer liu's funeral.
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new york's mayor is among the visitors to the memorial for the slain officers today. >> put the divisions of the past behind us. they were left to all of us in this generation. we have to overcome them. >> ishmael brimsley took his own life after killing the two police officers. thor tiffs say he posted aent-police statements on social media before ambushing those officers. the threat against police officers have new jersey state troopers taking action. tonight, there's a shield black out in effect. all officers received a warning to take their police shields out of the vehicles and to be extremely vigilant. support is pouring in from around the country. pennsylvania congressman jim gurloch and pat meehan gathered
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in west chester to believe the to express their appreciation for police, fire fighters and responders. congressman meehan says a son is a student there, as well. >> autopsy results show bradley stone killed himself by overdosing on drugs. following his killing spree in month gom ri county last week. stone killed his ex-wife and five members of her family. investigators released a report today revealing the iraq war vet had several drugs in his system, include i antipsychotics. stone hit e hid the guns. he was banned from having guns under a veteran's treatment program.
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while his ex-wife had obtained a temporary protection from abuse order a few years ago, she was denied a permanent order. now, the only surviving victim anthony flick was released from the hospital last night. he suffered injuries to his head and hands. nearly four years after a violent rape in center city, the suspected has returned to philadelphia to face justice. investigators arrested alberto suarez in 2012. but authorities had to wait until now for his extradition to be approved. suarez is accused of assaulting a wrom waiting at a city bus stop in 2010. police say surveillance video shows him running from the scene without his pants. v a teenage girl in pittsburgh. chester county police say they have a driver that killed a 19-year-old woman. gina marie bennett charged her with homicide by vehicle and d.u.i. they say she drove off after
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hitting and killing keisha grey along lincoln highway in thorndale three weeks ago. grey was on her way to work. the lifetime ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood could soon be lifted. the food and drug administration says it favors replacing the ban with a new policy. men would be eligible to give blood only if they abstained from gay sex for a year. the wan e ban took effect during the early days of the aids crisis. gay rights groups say it is a step in the right direction, but say requiring secelibacy is offensive. >> heavy rain and fog tomorrow. making for more travel problems. i'm watching where the hardest will hit and if it will clear in time for your christmas. >> arrested in front of his patients. >> i asked his wife, can we still have the appointments? she said no. >> what police say the south jersey doctor was doing behind closed doors coming up on nbc 10 news.
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we are tracking and keeping a close eye on the radar tonight. it is a first alert weather day tomorrow. meteorologist sheena parveen's extended forecast is just minutes away. a baby rescued from a van in flames. the child was rescued from the van as it burned on the garden state parkway in lacey township. one of the firefighters was driving nearby when he saw smoke coming from the mini van. he and another fire fighter used fire extinguishers to bring the fire under control. with mother's help, they managed to undo the child's car seat and get the baby out of the vehicle. a doctor busted on the job. nbc 10 was the only station in egg harbor township when authorities arrested a doctor touching his patients. the doctor is charged with
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criminal sexual contact against three women. police say the crimes happened inside his neurology of pain management practice. detectives arrested jaffrey in front of a few dozen patients, all shocked by the al gagszs. >> i've been with him many a times and he's never made no moves on me. >> it's not true. >> what kind of a doctor is your husband? >> foot doctor. >> and that second woman you saw there was jeffrey's wife. jaffrey has been a licensed doctor in new jersey since 2004. authorities say they have no records of any disciplinary actions. well, you don't have much time left to get those last-minute christmas gifts. fortunately, some stores will be open all night. the crowd in wall mart in south philadelphia, typically open 24 hours but they're expecteding more shoppers than usual tonight as you might imagine. khol's is also hope from now until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow.
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best buy and tar get close at midnight. >> you know that sound. that's the sound of the transsiberian orchestra. the orchestra performed the christmas attic album live for the first time. the 1998 rock opera is part of the group's fail mousz christmas trilogy. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> it is a first alert wealther day as we go into tonight through tomorrow. and really, into the day tomorrow. we have a lot of fog as wzwk s up tomorrow morning, dense fog, at times, will be creating travrl problems including some big airport delays, kind of like what we have today. if not, maybe a little bit worse in some cases. a warm and wet christmas eve for you.
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temperatures in the low 60s for parts of the area. here's a live look outside at center city. we have a lot of low clouds out there and by tomorrow morning, you will have a lot of fog out there. the air port visibility is five miles. temperatures well above freezing. there are some areas that are seeing dense fog across the area. mt.pocono coming in half mile visib visibility: pottstown, two miles. dover is coming in at a quarter mile visibility. we'll have patchy, dense fog. will ming ton, now three quarter mile visibility. tom's river coming in at only one mile visibility. we will be next. so only within an hour or two we'll start to see the first signs of rain moving into delaware. that's not the only piece of rain we can expected. there is a lot of wet weather
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moving down through the east. that's all part of the same storm system. now, we're not going to see weather like that. but we will see locally heavy rain at times. so future weather shows the rain moving in overnight. we'll have widespread showers along with some patchy, dense fog. creating pretty tough travel through much of the area, whether you're flying or driving. and then by the middle of the day, still rain around. and we could still have areas of patchy, dense fog. this is going to be an all-day thing. if you do have plans, just keep in mind, you will want to take it slower on the roadways with the rain and fog in place. 6:00 p.m., still looking at showers. and then later tomorrow evening, we get a bit of a break. we could see another wave of rain over night. just in time for christmas, we finally start to pidry out but e wind will pick up. we do stay above freezing.
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tomorrow, dense fog, even through the afternoon hours, and then we go into christmas morning. so for your christmas day, you don't have to worry about the heavy rain. winds could be gusting near 40 miles an hour. there we see improvementeds through the day by about noon. numbers will be dropping off through the day on christmas. just be careful if you're heading out tomorrow. >> thank you, sheena. coming up next in sports, the sixers in miami try to spin together their first win streak. and the flyers look to make it three in a row while away from home. we'll have all of that and next in sports.
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hi, i'm amy fadool from comcast sports net. both the flyers and sixers on extended road trips. joining me, sixers trail by as many as 23 in this one. michael carter williams cuts the lead with four. with a three there. tied at 82. jeremy grant gets the bucket and the bonus with the foul. sixers up three. lead down to one. luke amote puts the sixers up three again. so heat, down two. go for the game-winning three-pointer. comes up with the rebound. sixers win their second straight game, 91-87. >> you know, you credit eight
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guys that just found something extra to steal a fantastic win on the road. flyers in minnesota, second period. 3-2. third period. he's been hot since he returned to the ice. point shot, third goal in his last two games. flyers win 5-2. they win the first three games of their eight-game road trip. probowl announced today. five eagles making the pro-bowl. he leads the nfc with 18.5 sacks. sdaren sprouls, who made the team as a returner, a third-time pro-bowler and seventh selection for jason peters. over the last couple of days, we've been bringing you portions of's exclusive interview with jimmy rollins. he asked if he thought r go.
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>> 15, yes. maybe not the whole season, but, you know, just looking at the market the way it is, teams are going to have to give up a whole bunch and cole is definitely worth it. you're going to have to give that up for cole to win now. and if teams are willing, you know, i guess, in that sense, to bet the farm, that cole will be gone, i think, at some point in 2015. >> a couple of college basketball scores. villanova beat njit and lasalle down hofstra, 87-74. that will wrap it up for sports. right back after this.
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a lot to deal with in terms of fog and rain. >> travel problems. we're going to see airport problems. we'll definitely see it tomorrow. we will also be seeing a very rainy day tomorrow. heavy rain at times, too. have the umbrella with you.
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at least it will be dry. >> that's right. pack your patience. >> that's nbc 10 news at 11, we start at 4:00 a.m. with the very latest. good night. you used to sleep like a champ.
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find our best buy rated c2 queen mattress with sleepiq. know better sleep with sleep number. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jerry seinfeld. one direction.


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